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RealMap - Get Noticed, Get Sold




A map of open homes seems so simple. “Why hasn’t someone done this before?” is a common response when seeing it for the first time. The reality is behind the scenes a lot has to happen to make sure every open home is exactly in the right spot every time.

The idea began in 2001 when Rolf Boswell, the company's founder, found himself drawing up his own guide map by hand each Friday before a weekend of house inspections. Working in the forestry industry which heavily uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems), he realised the technology existed to do this for him. RealMap was born.

Initially prototyped in Gisborne then launched in Taupo New Zealand in 2003, maps now appear in 24 locations around Australia and New Zealand. More than 500,000 copies of our maps appear in publications each week.

Rolf Boswell Linda Gordon Aidan Boswell

A family affair: Managing Director Rolf Boswell (Left), Linda Gordon and Aidan Boswell


Sharee Paterson  
  Sharee Paterson
Technical Manager
Lynette Vanderspeck
Production Co-ordinator


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