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The concept is simple and most home buyers intuitively understand how to use it. Each week all the open home properties are flagged on the map with a unique reference number. This number cross references to an adjacent list of details such as the date, time address and description. The map and list are published in your leading real estate publication for maximum impact. Buyers now have the convenience of an accurate pre-prepared guide map that they can take in the car with them!

How the RealMap System Works

Publications and Agencies

Each week before the print deadline, agencies submit their open homes via our RealMap program installed on the administration computer. The address and details are subjected to a checking process. Any address problems are corrected, the listing agent is contacted personally if required. A draft list is produced and made available for agency proofing.

While proofing is being carried out, the map is being populated with the location flags. Each flag is carefully placed to avoid covering important roads, land marks or another flag on the map. A second person carries out a quality check to ensure no open homes are missed.

Once the proofing list are approved by the agencies the list is collated and set into the page with the map. A press ready PDF, distilled to your settings is generated and emailed or FTP’d to you.

This entire process is completed in 8 working hours, normally spanning over night. Your requirements will be unique and the process will be modified to suit. For example, a separate proofing period may not be required so the process could be completed quicker.

Screen shot of RealMap system used by real estate agencies

Screen shot of the RealMap system used by real estate agencies


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